The following is valid unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  • All amounts are exclusive of cost in connection with procurement of props, model fees and transportation in addition to the described.
  • Photo assignments are charged, cf. description of sessions, however, at least two hours.
  • If the costumer does not fully use the booked period, the non time consumed, will NOT be deducted from the invoice amount.
  • Ordered material is endeavored to be ready for delivery within 14 days.
  • As photographs and digital production are produced individually and personally, the right of withdrawal lapses. At print, cancellation is void at the moment the payment is done, as this is where the print task is started. However this does not apply to frames and similar products, where the 14 days return is still valid if the condition and packaging are the similar as at the receipt.
  • The costumer is responsible for the material not violating other copyrights. There are photographic, trademarks, logos and other protected material and liable, by default on this.
  • In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable. This is because I as a photographer have set aside the time of day for preparation as well as other measures such as child care and I do not get this back either. I expect to be notified about cancelation in good time and no later than 2 days before a session. If the offer is canceled later, you will be billed 25% of the price of the session. If the comes for the shoot, and no costumer shows at the agreed place after the start of the session, 100% of the sessions price will be charged.



  • All material produced and manufactured by photographer Peter Hedegård is protected by current Danish copyright law, cf. §60 of the Copyright Act.
  • The photographer may freely use the material for his use, for photo exhibitions, websites, internet profiles, releases ( magazines, books etc. ) contests, criticisms and marketing at home and abroad, unless otherwise is agreed in writing.
  • Material produced by photographer Peter Hedegård may only be used for the agreed purpose. If you wish to make further use of the material, this can be done by entering into a new contract with additional costs.
  • The material may not be copied, resold or otherwise transferred to anyone without prior written agreement.
  • It is not permitted to use the material commercially for advertising, media, press, articles and the like, neither printed nor online, unless agreed in writing.
  • Material may not be reproduced, manipulated or otherwise edited / cropped without prior written agreement. This includes removal of logo, colors, various Instagram filters and the like.
  • It is not allowed to share the digitally supplied material on the web, whether it is own website, social media, portfolio and the like unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • The RAW material, RAW files are newer handed over to the costumer, but it is possible to reorder material up to two years after the recordings.
  • Should there be a breach of copyright on material produced by photographer Peter Hedegård, the following parameter is used for settlement of unauthorized use:
    – A picture will normally be charged between DKR 1.500,00 and DKR 4.000,00 in remuneration for unauthorized use.
    The price depends on the following:
    – Time consumption: how long has been used on the material including planning, recording and editing.
    – The wage of the photographer: What will it usually cost for a finished product.
    – Type of offense: Economic interest or not.
    – The extend of the violation: This include how long the material has been used, to what extent, what purpose and the like.In unique cases where the material has been used in promotional books, advertisements, magazines, packaging or other marketing printed or online where the material has spread and affects a larger audience, or in cases where extra time has been spend on scenarios, landscape, the production of effects and the like, may result in greater claims or claims for compensation for financial loss.NOTE: even if you pay the charge for unauthorized use of material, you still have to remove and stop using the material. It is only remuneration for unauthorized use there is paid. If you still want to use the product, you will still have to sign a contract with additional costs.



It is possible to buy material free, so you have the full rights of use to your material produced by photographer Peter Hedegård.

For privat use
You can buy material free for DKR 1.200,00 per. PCS. Hereafter you can make unlimited prints, use for websites, portfolio or social medias, as long it is not commercial use.

For commercial use
Here the price is individual, as it depends of time used, purpose and expected use of material ( commercials, press, media and like ).

Updated 06.06.2017