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My name is Peter. I have a great passion for what i do, and dedicates a lot of time to constantly improve my skills. This to give you the best service as you deserve. 

Gurrebyvej 6, 4920 Søllested, Denmark
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What are our


PH Freelance is not just photography. We also have services as shown

Photography is the main service. It can be in the little home studio or on location - out- or indoor. It can be from the portrait to the family to product shoot for the company.
If you need something special i can be of service with illustrations. That can be for a poster, picture or for the advertisement in a magazine or newspaper.
web design
PH Freelance would gladly be your partner if you need a new website. It is possible to get a shop integrated with woo Commerce if you want to sell products.
design and layout
PH Freelance is helpful with design and layout. From the simpel logo and letter, business cards, posters or magazine layouts.

Business and products price list

Price list for ordinary photography

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