About Peter Hedegård

“Photography itself is one thing, but to make a everlasting memory is something different. When i work with my camera i always try to create something special. I like all kind of categories whatever it is portraits, fashion, product, nature, macro or something quite different.”
Born at Lolland, Denmark in december 1976. Married with Jane and live with our two girls in Søllested at Lolland.
Peter has had photography as a hobby since he got his first DSLR camera back in 2006. For the past two years it has become more serious, and a lot of time is dedicated to photography. Hours is spend on studying the techniques, light settings etc. He always try to improve his skills, and the goal is to give you the best picture you can ever imagine.
The world of photography is large, and there is always new things to learn whatever you have taken pictures for one year or a lifetime. That is why photography is such a great subject to work with.


At the moment i have a small home studio, and wishes for more space. Here i mostly do portrait photography with 1-3 people or full figure with a single person.


It is possible for me to do on location shoots, as i can have different kinds of light with me. Indoor or outdoor – booth are possibly, so do not hesitate to ask.

Photo genres

I like to cover a wide range of genres as portraits, fashion, cosplay & costume, children & new born, pregnant, lingerie/boudoir, glamour, nude art etc. I also like to shoot nature, macro, animals, product etc. Only the fantasy set the limits.